Hey there! It's tough for my artsy brain to keep track of all the commission requests I get, so I've put this page together for your easy requesting options! Pick the commission that best works for you and I'll get you on my schedule, and then mail you an original drawing in no time at all!

A simple 4x6 inch ink sketch with grey pencil tones of your favorite furry pal! Just send a pic or two of your pet and a description and I'll do a grickle-ized drawing sent straight to you!

A 5x7 inch ink drawing with color pencil tones just like the grickledoodles you see on my social media! Send me a description of what grickle-y thing you'd like to see me draw!

An 8x10 inch illustration rendered in ink and watercolors! a classy piece of grickle art you'll want to hang atop the mantel! Send me a description of what you were envisioning and I'll get working on your personal masterpiece!